When to reduce Prascend?


Now that we are over the hump, so to speak, of the seasonal rise, for horses who have their dose increased during the rise, how do we know when to start reducing it? If there is a specific date, then what kind of symptoms should prompt reduction earlier?

Yankee started Prascend on 25 Aug, started at 1/4 tab, then kind of chased the rise, increasing by 1/4 each time is primary symptom - peeing - increased. He was at 1 tablet when an ACTH test was done on 3 September, his test came back at 82... Still chasing symptoms he is now at 1.5 tabs, but I stopped there. Vet prescribed 1 tab, so I want to reduce back to that and see how he does (finances have something to do with it as well, especially with the price increasing). I plan on having him retested in April.

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LJ Friedman

The rise isnt over for every horse. HAve you considered pergolide from a compounding pharmacy like Pethealth in Az?
LJ Friedman  Nov 2014 Vista,   Northern  San Diego, CA

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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Jodi,

Certainly understand that finances play a role in what we can/can't do, whether we like it or not. Most people are in that same situation. Unfortunately, the seasonal rise period is not over, esp. for a PPID horse. In these horses, the rise can be a factor thru Dec and some may never drop back down to their previous levels so their pergolide (Prascend) dose won't be able to be lowered either.

If you are still chasing symptoms, that indicates his ACTH is still not properly controlled and he warrants an increase rather than a decrease in his dose. Need to have that discussion with your vet, howver.

Lavinia and George Too
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Lorna Cane

Hi Jodi,

Agree with Lavinia about the expenses.Something else to keep in mind is that if we don't keep the ACTH controlled, we may be facing much greater expenses involved in treating the laminitis that is likely to follow.
Then we have not only the added expense,but also the discomfort for the horse,and unhappy owner.


Lorna Cane
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Deb Walker

Following this topic, because it was a question on my mind as well. If what I understand is true, you can't overdose Pergolide (compounded) and I am seeing a good response, so not to be worried to just keep giving the same dose? I understand it's an expense, but you do what you can, and not what you can't?
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