Didn't get meds while on vacation; not eating supplements

Kim Rice

Hi,  I was gone for five days and on day six came to ranch and gave my horse his daily 1.5 Prascend and Equioxx pills.  
I found out two days later that the person who should have given him his meds didn't.  Two days later he seemed stiff
and off and is still stiff.  Could not getting his meds have made him stiff and a bit off?

Also, two months ago he turned his nose up at his bucket with supplements.  He was on timothy pellets and Stabul 1 and was fine; then I
switched to Stabul 1 alone for awhile and he turned his nose up then.  I tried Timothy cubes and he doesn't want that either.  He has always been an easy keeper and eating anything.  Prior to PPID/IR he was getting no molassas beet pulp.

Any suggestions?


Kim R., Lafayette, CA


Hi Kim, Im not sure about what happens if they dont get their meds for a few days. But I DO know that the pergolide messes with their appetite. I too have a "used to be easy keeper, would eat anything horse". He is SUPER picky now and I have to keep mixing things up in order to get his meds and supplements down. I know that any increase in meds can make them feel bad, maybe the sudden decrease can too?

Susan Morgan
June 30, 2018
Ione, California
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Sherry Morse

Hi Kim,

Well that sucks that meds weren't being given while you were gone.  I believe that while there is a few days grace period where there's still medication in their systems you may have gone beyond that. If you have APF you may want to consider using that for a few days as you may be seeing a bit of a veil with regard to not wanting to eat.  

As far as the stiffness and being off - if he won Equioxx and missed 5 days of it I could see that being an issue.

Eleanor Kellon, VMD


Could please get a case history up? It's impossible to give you good answers without one. Equioxx is cleared by 5 days and so is pergolide. ACTH rises within 4 days in most horses.
Eleanor in PA

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LJ Friedman

Ive been feeding hygain zero.   An analysis should show up soon.   
LJ Friedman  Nov 2014 Vista,   Northern  San Diego, CA

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Hi Lj,
Did I miss the Hygain analysis or has the company not yet gotten back to you?
Thanks, Robyn
Robyn & Toons
North Bay, CA

April 2016