Was IR Increase -Now Toe tenderness with Pulse


I posted a short time agao about my horse's increase IR levels. He appeared to be doing fine. Recently got a trim with a more aggressive "backing-up" of the toes. Afterwards he seemed a little tender on the front toes while being ridden, as always in his easy boots. I chalked it up to the trim, expecting it to quickly improve. Kept checking digital pulses also, per usual. Well, now I am detecting an increase of digital pulse in the same RF. So not just the trim. That was wishful thinking.

Going over all possible causes and improvements that I can make. He had been getting  some alfalfa pellets with the ODTB cubes (carrier) as a taste tempter. That was removed from his diet in December.

He is currently getting  3 oz of TC Lite 2xday as the taste tempter. Stop this?

He was getting some grass nibbles while being ridden. That is stopped after seeing the IR levels.

He has had access to his "mud" lot after I reduced the size of it and removed all oak leaves and acorns with a leaf blower. But 2 weeks ago he went thru my electric cross fence and I found he had been on the wrong side of the fence eating acorns for 3-4 hours. His high IR levels developed before this episode. He has been removed from access to the lot completely as of yesterday.  

His hay analysis was done by Litchfield Lab in Michigan. It was pointed out to me that is was unclear whether NIR or Wet Chem testing was used for testing. No ESC provided. It was WSC, Starch, and  NSC test  levels that was provided.  Begin soaking this hay to decrease starch/sugars levels further? Retest hay for ESC and starch with Equi-analytical?

Any further things that I can do to lower his IR levels? 

This is the first flare-up that Mouse has had since last spring but his IR levels have increased

After two injections of Acepromazine, 1 ml  each time, the detectable pulse is decreased as of this AM. Yes I do use Ace short term as a vasodialator. 

Suggestions to lower IR appreciated. 

- Bonnie 07-2016

Charles County, Maryland

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Well, this is disappointing for you and Mouse!  I would go straight back to the Temporary Emergency diet for now, including soaking; take out everything except the ODTB cubes, magnesium, salt, flax and vitamin E. What mineral mix is he getting?  Send another hay sample off to Equianalytical.  You can also consider Metformin, at 30 mg/kg twice daily, to aid in reducing insulin levels. (it isn't a permanent fix in any way, just a temporary aid). Any thought of using jiaogulan long-term as a circulation booster?

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He is on a mineral mix based on his hay and the ODTB cubes. This was not created by me! I did play around with flavor enhancing, the alfalfa pellets then the TC Lite when he was reluctant to eat the cubes with all the salt and minerals. I figured that quantity was small enough to not need a change in minerals. He had lost weight during a period in Dec when he had a virus with high fever. His exercise level went to nil for over a week and the crummy weather kept his exercise level lower for some time. Still had him out walking undersaddle but slick footing reduced energy consumption. I let him gain some weight again.

So, I could drop back to ODTB cubes, his minerals & salt, flax and vit E. Soak his hay, not a problem, I rinse all hay in a tub anyway and horse is here at home. Magnesium in hay alone meets his requirements. His diet balancing required no additional Mg.

I do have PhytoQuench on hand and had been thinking about adding it back into his diet. I FORGOT this. I had been feeding it at half dose and dropped it out of his diet when he was sick and not wanting to eat. 

I just read a recommendation for using PhytoQuench to help fight the inflammation of laminitis. Any reason to not give Phytoquench ATT?

Is Metformin an Rx drug? So far my searches have found posts about on going use but would like to read a post with an explanation about it's use and how to use it, when to use it.

I take it Jiaogulan tastes bad? Good source? Uckele or ?

- Bonnie 07-2016

Charles County, Maryland

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