Iron Overload Formula or Calculator


Hi all,  I have new lab results for my two horses Fury and Apps. I can't find a formula to calculate iron overload. I have all the values of an iron panel plus ferritin. Could someone direct me to a link with a formula or calculator? Thanking you in advance!!!

Stephanie and Fury, Colorado, 2009


Hi Stehanie,

There is no calculator for iron overload.  Here's a link to your CH folder in  Upload your lab work into your Blood work results in your CH folder and let us know when it's done, so Dr Kellon can interpret it.

Make sure you copy and paste the CH folder into your signature.  The one in your last post is to the old Yahoo site.  Thanks!

Maggie, Chancey and Spiral in VA 
March 2011
EC moderator/Primary Response