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ECIR Group Policy

Thursday, 2 March 2017


Accuracy of Information

We take the importance of accurate information very seriously. The information in our posts and case histories is of tremendous value to all our members and is also used for formal studies. It is extremely important that it be factual. To protect the integrity and veracity of the group's data, a member may be asked at times to produce documentation, such as a copy of a report. These requests will be rare. Most of you will never receive one. 


Solicitation is against list policy. 

Whether directly selling a product or service or not, if you are contacted privately by someone, be suspicious. These communications frequently target new members or those in a crisis.  They almost universally push a position, product or service that the sender knows will not be upheld on the list or by close examination.

We welcome questions, suggestions and individual experiences from every member on list, but the bottom line is the welfare of the horse.  ECIR approval is always based on provable facts and scientific methods, not opinions and belief.

Anyone who tries to bypass being challenged to support their position with properly assembled facts by sending unsolicited private e-mails rather than posting on the list is, in our opinion, risking the welfare of horses and will be banned.

If you receive an unsolicited e-mail either ask the group about it, or forward the mail to 


Thank you for your cooperation.


Owners, Moderators & Primary Response Team of the Equine Cushings List