Strangles in my IR mare and PPID gelding


There is an outbreak of strangles at the barn where my two mustangs are currently boarded.  My PPID gelding is in the full blown stage of green nasal discharge in large amounts.  His lack of desire to eat because of the strangles made it impossible for the barn staff to get his pergolide into him so I am currently syringing it in with a small amount of applesauce but he's not taking his normal supplements in his normal carrier which is LMF low carb.  I am thinking I might be able to encourage  him to eat the supplements in a wet rice bran carrier.  My IR mare appears to be coming down with strangles also and is off the supplements also.  Would the rice bran be a temporary safe carrier for both of my horses?  I searched the files and couldn't find any definite contraindications to doing this.

Lynn and Mica,

N. Calif.  2011

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Hi, Lynn - what a complete bummer for you and all the horses!  Please don't use the rice bran - it averages 21.7% starch and 6.4% sugars  The last thing you need is a bout of laminitis on top of the strangles.

Try adding stevia, aniseed powder or flavor, or fenugreek to their regular carrier. At this time, as long as they get salt into them, (so that they keep up their water intake) and your gelding gets his pergolide (really essential when they are sick), you needn't worry too much about the other supplements in the short term. Giving some APF may also assist.

If anyone else out there has some tips on managing IR/PPID horses with strangles, please sing out!

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Thanks for the quick response. I will not use rice bran as a carrier, which had stuck in my mind somewhere as a no no. I just couldn't find confirmation on what I thought I remembered. I tried stevia with my LMF low carb pellets to which I had added salt this morning and it was a no go. So I stringed into him salt water which he accepted well. I diluted the two tablespoons of salt in about two cups of water. It took a while but it seemed to slowly cause him to push out more drainage over the approx. 20 min. it took to do this. Afterwards he went over and began to eat his hay.....a good sign.
My IR mare, Mica, also refused the stevia with pellets so since she is still eating her hay fairly well I'm sprinkling salt on her hay.

Thanks again, for the help!

Lynn and Mica (and now Bodie, who I need to add to my case histories)
N. Calif. May 2011

Lynn McKechnie

N. California, May, 2011

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