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Contributing Your Information: HELP US TO HELP YOU!

Monday, 3 April 2017


The ECIR Group's mission is to provide a bridge between research and real life, with prevention of laminitis the ultimate goal. ECIR Group member's feedback is the back bone of this goal. Our databases and polls collect the data that shapes the equine management protocols that effectively help equines with PPID and IR.  Without data future improvements in management protocols is in jeopardy. With data we can answer many of the big questions members have and provide better support for owners to help their equines. In the interest of education and getting equines the help they need, the databases can even be shared with your local equine professionals.


The ECIR Group Inc. is a registered non-profit group. 

Our mission is to provide a bridge between research and real life, with prevention of laminitis the ultimate goal. Donations will help to fund projects that will bring us closer to that goal.  

Donations can be made through:

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For a review of where we’ve been and where we’re going please see this post from Dr. Jaini Clougher  BSc, BVSc

Please help us to help you:

Click on the following links to share your information. 

To protect member privacy and our data, you will need your case history link in order to submit these forms.  To protect your privacy and our data, verification of ECIR Group membership may be required to access some of the database information.  


Pergolide Dosage Database 

Enter your informationUpdate your entry, View your entry (you may need to request access) or View the statistics.   

Regional Members Database - A local listing of members willing to help/meet/share resources with other ECIR members.

Enter your contact information, Update your entry or View the database. 

CTB Database - Database for equines on both Chaste Tree Berry and Pergolide

Enter your informationUpdate your entry or View the database (you may need to request access).

International Safe Feed Sources 

Enter your local store and the type of safe feed you buyUpdate an entry, or View the International Safe Feeds Sources.

ECIR Polls - collecting information to find patterns that will help shape future equine management protocols. Contribute your information.

Thank you for sharing and helping PPID/IR horses worldwide, 

-The Owners, Moderators & Support Teams of the Equine Cushings Lists