can't open case history file


I need to do a new case history for Mill, but I can't get the file to open. I click on open or open and save but nothing works. Help please! I'm not sure where our old case history was. 

Jennifer & Mill
Middle TN


Hi, Jennifer - I went to your case history link, and it opened fine for me at this time:  However, because it was uploaded by LeeAnne, you will have to request her or one of the mods to delete it once you get your new one uploaded.

I am a technotard, so I will send you to the Case History Help page (although I am sure you have already been there!); if nothing on that page works for you, we will get LeeAnne to help.

Wiki Page:   Scroll down to Case History Help.

Hugs to Mill!

Jaini Clougher (BSc,BVSc)

Merlin (over the bridge) ,Maggie,Gypsy, Ranger

BC 09
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