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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

We realize we are most likely to hear from members when they have a problem but would like to know if we have helped your horse. If you are not getting good results we want to know that too!


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Yvonne Knight

I have been reading your emails and it aligns pretty well with what I have been doing with good results. Have not had time to post anything or interact because we are preparing for Irma here in Florida!

Mia Johnson

I voted Good while following partially.  I didn't add in vitamin E or flax.  The mare hated the BP and Flax.  She's 100% again.... Which I entirely owe to this group.  

Lot of good advice here.  I recommend the group to everyone.  The nutrition info and hoof balancing info is really good.  It's been highly educational.  Thanks for keeping this group so awesome!! 

Mia Johnson - Feb 2016
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terri hadlock

I have been following your digests but have not posted as a case. Partly because I suspect I don't have the tech or savvy to get you all the information you need to really help us. But also, I don't have a definite dx yet. I suspect cushings and IR and have used the IR diet for several years. Right now we have a case of something sore, going forward as if it's laminitis but very unclear. Trim is good, xrays good, no classical stance. So I am following your threads and implementing any ideas I can. So, I would say very helpful, thank you!

Deborah Odell

My mare just developed laminitis and foundered three weeks ago. I've only started treatment and found you two weeks ago. Once I get all the info/tests back I will upload a case history, but right now I'm a newbie. Your information and support is wonderful. I have a lot to learn and am so grateful you are there. I follow your posts daily. Thank you.


I use all the info on your website with good results, and my mare is doing very well. But I haven't uploaded all my info because I had so much trouble with the instructions and the requirements. Maybe you could ask a computer expert to design a form which is shorter or easier for us Luddites! Thanks


I have managed probably 30 horses with information from this group and Dr. Kellons classes in the past 5 or so years.  I don't post case histories because they are client horses and I don't always have access to all the files required.  
Debora, Montana 


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Tori Cullins

I am one of the very few that posted 'poor results, followed protocol closely'. My pony seems to be a complex case. I am amazed, admittedly a little downstricken at times, at the number of 'newbies' coming on with extreme painful cases that resolve as they should while I am still struggling. Though as Orion's current vet would say, he seems to have an ongoing 'series of misadventures'. 

I feel what I am lacking currently is diagnosis... prior struggles are mostly likely based on non-optimal trims (feeling they are much better over the recent summer since doing it myself), and possibly body score. Not being fully sound, he never really got back into a solid exercise program. Reading this, my poll answer may not be correct as (finding out) a not optimal trim would not be following protocol closely.

In short (on diagnosis), Orion seemed to have suffer trauma (horse kick) back in late Feb. 2017. Vet thought it was a hairline fracture of RH tibia upon and with ongoing palpation. June 2014 he suffered another trauma (it seemed, due to hematomas but neither witnessed) that appeared to have completed the fracture. Xrays in July showed a fractured fibula - but maybe not, as the fibula is vestigial in horses. 2nd set taken in clinic, better machine, showed 'not broken', but now I am not convinced that it isn't broken, not trusting reading of radiograph - still seeing a long bone that is floating now with darkness around it (abscessing?). Looking to send both sets to board certified radiologist, any leads appreciated

Orion has been on stall rest since traumas (treating as fracture) which isnt helping. May not be fair to say 'poor results', but havent had a chance to say otherwise. Maybe I shouldnt have answered at all. Do agree that all the (necessary) protocols are hard to comply with (physically for me also - getting hoof photos up to par, etc.) and once completed (at my best anyhow), the help that i was seeking has not always came. 

Also, seeing unanswered questions or unresolved threads on topics that I seem to find particularly interesting, of the 'yes! I've been wondering that too!' kind, particularly some group-mindset challenging ones that seem to just die off... gives me some doubt. The similar rather newly acquired doubt to blindly trusting trimmers or vets (or doctors, or about any other 'expert'). That maybe in my pony's case (which ponies do seem to be biologically different, besides my own history with and knowledge of him) the group protocol may not be the best answer to all questions. Not sure if I worded that correctly. 

Overall, praises to the community - especially Dr. K and the volunteers/moderators, it's truly awesome to see the horses and their humans - go (many!) from the edge of euthanization, to good health. 
Thank you, for all you do.
Tori and Orion

April 2015, Eagle Point, Oregon

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macivor macivor <macivor19@...>

I have especially benefited from nutrient balancing by Kathleen Gustafson, info re chaste tree berry, idea of where ACTH values should be, how to handle seasonal rise, the importance of exercise, learning about compounded pergolide, ways to get my horse to take pergolide, why to not split a dose.  I appreciate when someone asks a question and someone takes time answering it, however briefly, then referring to the archives with a link.   I appreciate that there are so many dedicated people helping. 
casey oregon 2014

On Sep 9, 2017, at 10:23 AM, Eleanor Kellon, VMD <drkellon@...> wrote:

A new poll has been created:

We realize we are most likely to hear from members when they have a problem but would like to know if we have helped your horse. If you are not getting good results we want to know that too!

1. Good results and I follow the protocol closely.
2. Good results but I only follow the protocol partially.
3. Poor results and I follow the protocol closely.
4. Poor results but I only follow the protocol partially.

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The group has been an immense help and I read and learn so much from the emails. Although I voted for only partially following the protocol, the information here has given me the tools to monitor and correct if things start going squiffy before ( I hope) they become dangerous.

Paula Hancock

On Sat, Sep 9, 2017 at 04:26 pm, Tori Cullins wrote:
Also, seeing unanswered questions or unresolved threads on topics that I seem to find particularly interesting, of the 'yes! I've been wondering that too!' kind, particularly some group-mindset challenging ones that seem to just die off... gives me some doubt
Hi Tori,
If ever you or anyone else has a question that doesn't get answered, please repost.  There are only a few guru moderators trying to respond to everything, and some things can get missed.  It takes time to research answers and that can make delays as well.
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Tori Cullins

Thanks Paula, I thought about that also, after posting (I should probably sleep on what I write before sending). I read the digests daily, and have seen countless times to 'repost if not answered'. I also have a bit of a block on asking for help, my own bad, but no problem in researching. 

Also wanted to thank Kathy Brinkerhoff for her dedication in getting Orion's diet balanced (really had a hard time with hay when in Hawaii, she caught many red flags) - as well as steering me to the NRC class. She has been there for me, in depth, whenever I reached out. I'm tearing up a little just thinking about it. 
Tori and Orion

April 2015, Eagle Point, Oregon

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regina bruno

I said "good, partial" because my horse has lost 50 lbs and is getting good hoof trims.  i've used resources to change diet and have added minerals, but have not implemented a tight mineral balance yet.  my management practices are constantly improving as a consequence of this site, and my horse(s) is(are) improving overall, but i know we have a long way to go, specifically exercise.  i will continue to add aspects of the protocol as I am able.     
Regina and Smokey
June 26, 2017
Laurelville,  Ohio  .  .


   I just wanted to chime in and let everyone know how much this group has helped me with my horse, Miss Poppy, this past spring.  My horse developed a severe case of laminitis in December of 2016, during one of the worst lingering, deep snow storms that the Oregon high desert has seen in a long time.  My vet and my farrier were of very little help, and even suggested that Poppy be euthanized.  I muddled along for awhile and we went through hell, but then I found out about the ECIR group, followed the protocols and my horse survived...and is sound today. It was a lot of work, it was overwhelming at times.   I started using the protocols before I joined the group in May, and then had many questions, so joined the group. The help and support was immediate. I have been through several vets and farriers...and it is still a battle with them.   I am amazed at how much most professionals do not know about laminitis, the causes and the treatment. There is so much help and information available from our group, and everyone has been through it.   I wish it was mandatory continuing education for vets and farriers to go to the No Laminitis Conferences, and read the many papers and research articles related to this group.

 This was a particularly difficult time for me with my husband going through very serious cardiac and spinal surgeries, and it was at times, almost impossible to cope with all of it and manage a sick horse as well. The support, friendship, empathy, information and individualized help that I received from ECIR group was nothing short of a miracle.  I especially want to thank Cheryl Hooper, and Lavinia Fiscaletti for all of the countless emails we have shared over the past months. Initially, I was not able to upload my case history, but Cheryl did it for me, and she helped me with diet, supplements, and moral support.  And then there's Lavinia... she is truly the "Goddess of Hooves" and was always at the ready with hoof markups.  Dr. Kellon, I read everything of yours I can get my hands on, and I think your ECIR group is so incredible.  I also read every email that comes through everyday... it breaks my heart to read of someone going through this with their horse, but honestly, this is the place to go for help.  Thanks again to all of the moderators and volunteers that keep ECIR going.  I can only imagine the numbers of hours that you each devote to make this so successful. 

Lisa and Miss Poppy
Bend, Oregon
May 2017

Lisa H

Bend, Oregon 

April 2015

Lorna Cane

On Sun, Sep 10, 2017 at 03:28 am, Lisa Haindel wrote:
 I wish it was mandatory continuing education for vets and farriers to go to the No Laminitis Conferences, and read the many papers and research articles related to this group.

 YES, Lisa !!


Lorna in Eastern Ontario, Canada
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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Just to clarify some things that have come up, you may vote more than once if you have used our methods on more than one horse. Also, make sure you have signed in to before trying to vote. You will be able to see the poll if not signed in but not able to vote.
Eleanor in PA 

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I voted "good results, follow protocol closely" because that has been my main experience prior to Khari's PPID diagnosis.   I followed this group before I was worried about my own horse.  The info here enabled me to recognize when Khari began showing signs of IR and he did great for a few years on the diet, trim, exercise part of the protocol without an official diagnosis.  Now that he is also PPID, I am struggling a bit with vets and expenses so he could perhaps be doing better if I could afford more Prascend and labwork. He is also healing from an injury that has limited his exercise but that is improving so I'm very hopeful that his IR symptoms will improve as well, even without another increase in Prascend dosage.

 The support here has been wonderful and Khari is doing much better than my friend's untreated "likely-PPID/IR" mare of the same age.  We have been riding buddies for years and the difference between our two horses is striking, especially over the past two years.  Seeing her decline has made me extra grateful for the expertise shared so generously here.  Thanks to you all!
Jill, Khari & Jetty in Idaho


NRC 2010 



Although I voted 2 - I am very pleased with the results we have achieved.  The 'exercise' protocol is the area we fall down in, but I do what I can.  So grateful of the knowledge, help and advice that this group offers and the confidence I feel that the information is sound and safe to implement.

Sandra Weston

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I have not been able to follow the protocol closely, but I feel that Ellie has improved on a partial protocol.  I feel that implementing some items such as ALCAR, jiaogulan, spirulina, copper/zinc, omega 3's, chaste tree berry, TriAminos, etc. has improved her quality of life.  I am thrilled that Ellie's allergic responses have reduced significantly - rarely any coughing except on high dust, pollen, and wildfire smoke days.  Reduced insulin and improved overall comfort.  Plus, other things that were started prior to finding this site such as Prascend, soaked hay, and light but consistent exercise.  She still has issues with skin infections, so that is my next target.


March 2017


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Hi Lisa.  My name is Ronelle Dietsch (Yoyo, 2015)  I live in Bend, Or too, and would like to compare notes on local hay sources/feed/vets and farriers.  Sending this to the group because I don't want you think I'm a spammer if I sent a private message.  I am listed as a local contact, but I can't seem to figure out how to get to that list. (again).