Splash pergolide trial


This is such good news, Karen!  Thank you for the update. And, as badly as the possibility of early PPID sucks for you and Splash, you can hang on to the thought that the two of you are contributing to our knowledge of PPID.

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 I wanted to report Splash has responded positively to the trial of pergolide. She is brighter, no palpable digital pulses, walking with the big stride she normally has, even trotted a circle in her stall this am impatient for her breakfast. 
 I am thrilled!!! This would not have happened without the information I have gained here. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! 
 Last fall when she had her first bout of laminitis she took about 5 months to get back to the comfort level she has reached now with just 7 days of pergolide. 
 ? Am I safe to assume she is early PPID? Gold standard would be to have tested ACTH prior to starting pergolide.
    Since her ACTH was 13.5 last January, I wasn’t confident that her ACTH is going to be diagnostic in her case. I could be wrong, but chose to spend the money on Prascend instead. 
 ? Would it be reasonable to wait until January to test I,G,L,ACTH, so I could compare apples to pergolide apples? Or is there another time of year to get my baselines? August testing is already on my calendar for her. 
 Thank you again!
Karen F


October 2013

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Case History for Splash: https://ecir.groups.io/g/CaseHistory/files/Karen%20and%20Splash

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