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Sue Hansen

Dawn is suffering with pain and doesn't want to move.   I have Jiaogulan Plus liquid drops.  Will that help her with circulation in the hooves?  What about  Uckele Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL 98%, L-arginine alphaketoglutarate to help with pain, Uckele's LaminOx - which has the Jiaogulan and the AAKG, phyto Quench?  

I have vitamins and minerals from Uckele for balancing her hay, plus I have included Cocosoya to cover the taste.  So far she gets very little of it since I am trying to get her used to the flavors.  She's on 3.5 Prescend tablets per day.  My farrier is coming out in the next few days to pull the shoes my vet recommended and I will put her back in her SoftRide boots or would you recommend not using them.  She has complete stall rest.

The last time I had a question, there was difficulty getting to my case history.  
Sue H.
June 2017. Markle, IN USA
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LeeAnne Bloye <ecir.archives@...>

Hi Sue,
Your link works fine now :-)
Others will chime in but for now take a look at these files and see if they provide you with more insight:
Pain Medication and Alternatives 

Hint: The file folders list in the wiki is a good place to start looking for information so you can become familiar with subjects while waiting for replies to messages. 

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Hi Sue,

As LeeAnne said, your CH link works now.  It would be great if you could update your CH with as many details as possible.  For instance, I saw in this previous message from you that Dawn is on Equioxx but it's not listed in her CH.  Adding as many details as well as a timeline of specifically when she was/is sore + what helped or didn't help her would really help both you and us to suss out the possible cause of her continued issues. Having all the details in your CH also keeps us from having to go searching all of your previous messages for the details to give you the best help--a real time saver for us!

Here's a link to your photo album:  Please add it to your signature so we don't have to go searching for it, thanks!  Has the trim changed since the xrays were done?  If not, that is where I would start with helping Dawn to be more comfortable.  Your plan to have the shoes removed and put her soft rides sounds like a good one.  Make sure you get some nice soft pads to put in the soft rides prior to the farriers visit.  Can you get some before trim and after trim pictures of her feet when the farrier comes and put them in your album? 

I would also consider increasing her to 4mgs pergolide.  Her ACTH was 40.4 and insulin 73.28 in mid September.  Even though you increased her to 3.5 mgs, you are chasing the seasonal rise and she may have gone up more.  As previously discussed the compounded would be more economical.  Are you keeping a journal on her to monitor the more subtle signs/symptoms of PPID?  Read here for more info: 

What's the temperature doing there?  She may also be experiencing cold induced laminitis.  Here's a message from Lavinia with some information about it:
More information in the files that LeeAnne linked, specifically the one on Acetyl-L-Carnitine and this one:,%20Nitric%20Oxide%20Support,%20AAKG%20and%20Supps 
Warm socks and leg wraps are also recommended for cold induced laminitis.

Have you considered syringing the minerals in?  Once all the rest of the DDT's are tight, if she is still having issues here's the file on testing for iron overload:,%20Iron%20Testing,%20Iron%20Overload 

Other factors to consider once all the DDT's are tight and she is still sore would be Lyme disease and mare issues, but let's not worry about that now.
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