Pergolide Increase?

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

He's still mildly IR by the proxies but if he's doing well I would be satisified with that ACTH at this time of year (with the caveat that Cornell may well show it more out of control). I would just stay on this dosage unless you see symptoms with no change in diet or exercise and plan to retest late August to early September to gauge the need for a dosage increase at that time.
Eleanor in PA 
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Reta Heaslip

Good news on the latest bloodwork results. Whistler's numbers have dropped to within the normal ranges (IDEXX). Insulin is 13.9 ulU/ml, Glucose is 4.3 mmol/L and ACTH is 6.6 pmol/L. Case history has been updated. It appears that the ACTH level is in the high-normal range. Am I interpreting the numbers correctly for ACTH and Insulin? Would you recommend increasing the 1 mg Pergolide that he's on to 1.5 mg during the seasonal rise to keep ACTH in the low to mid range or should I continue with 1 mg.? Whistler has been on Pergolide since October 2017.  There is no evidence of other symptoms at this time. His diet is under control and maintained and he's exercised on average 4 times a week.  Thank you ECIR for helping me through this difficult process. 
Sep 7
Gananoque, ON, CA