Commercial Feed Analysis Library #Wiki #NEW

LeeAnne Bloye <ecir.archives@...>

Commercial Feed Analysis Library

Over the years individual ECIR Group members have sent various commercial feeds to be tested then generously shared the information. The Commercial Feed Analysis Library is a new term for an old file folder where any member can go and view unbiased analyses of commercial feeds. These analyses are a valuable part of the science that the ECIR uses to help our IR and PPID horses and are valuable tools used to prevent laminitis. 

If you have an analysis of a commercial feed please, instead of uploading it to your own folder, please consider sharing it with the entire group by attaching it to an email and sending to LeeAnne at ECIR.Archives@....  Once it is uploaded you will be sent a link  to be pasted into your equine's case history.  An added bonus of using the library instead of your folder is that, if requested, your personal information can be removed from the document.  

View the Commercial Feed Analysis Library 

Thanks for your help and cooperation.

- ECIR Group Owners and Support Team