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Hi, Dr. Kellon - This is a continuation of our private consultation started earlier this year (?) that I'm continuing here on the forum because you weren't receiving my emails.  I just got Sunny's 12/12/19 results back from Cornell (where all her tests have been done):  ACTH 14.7 (was 150 on 9/6/19, started on compounded pergolide 10/7/19 tapering up to 1.25mg); glucose 153 (was 202 on 4/11/19, started on Metformin 7/11/19 22,000mg per day divided AM & PM, was 139 9/6/19) insulin over 200 (has been over 200 at every test since I 1st tested her 9/14/18 (except for 10/12/18 test which was 195.26).
So her PPID looks well controlled.  Metformin doesn't seem to be doing much for glucose.  Insulin still a disaster.  
All I can think to do is try Invokana.  I'm going to check with LJ re his source & price.  Any suggestions?

Sue L. & Sunny
N. Calif. 

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

I agree, but send me a private  mail at drkellon "at" gmail.com with a cc to your vet so I can send an information file.
Eleanor in PA

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Joy V

Hi Sue, where in No Cal did you get the test?  (I'm in No Cal too).  Thanks!

Joy and Willie  
(aka FLS Boxcar Willie)

Nevada County, CA - 2019