Compounded flavored pergolide powder question

I am considering asking for a script for compounded peppermint flavored pergolide powder. Star has been difficult to medicate, off feed off and on, and I have tried decreasing the Prascend to 1 3/4 mg to see if that helps. I think a flavored med would help too with getting her to take it better. My vet uses Vets First Choice pharmacy, now owned by Covetrus Pharmacy. Roadrunner Pharmacy does their compounding. Has anyone here used them? Is 1mg of Prascend equal to their 1 mg per TSP of Pergolide (from Mesylate) flavored oral powder? Is there anything I should consider when switching from Prascend to compounded powder?
Jan 2018, Waldo, WI
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Lorna Cane

Hi Tina,

I would buy the compounded powder encapsulated, not as loose powder. This 'should' eliminate the taste factor, if you can keep her from chewing it! Placing capsule in a peanut shell works nicely.


Lorna Cane
Ontario, Canada



Tina, in addition to Lorna's suggestion that you want CP encapsulated, not as a loose powder, be sure your vet writes the prescription correctly, so the compounded medication matches the amount of pergolide your horse has been getting in Prascend. There is specific language to accomplish that, as explained here:  "x mg of pergolide as pergolide mesylate"  

Lots of important details are covered in Files, including Pergolide 101. You want to refill your prescription every 30 days. You want to store the capsules carefully in a cool, dry place. Flavoring can be added to encapsulated CP (I get molasses-flavored CP). Flavoring increases the size of the capsule. 

If you need information to give your vet, studies supporting this approach are listed here: 
Cass, Sonoma Co., CA 2012
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