Is anyone giving 3 Prascend?


I guess I need to re-test my old guy that is current getting 2 Prascend.  I've noticed increased water intake.   I remember my vet telling me that 2 was the maxium prescribed.  Yet I remember researching it and found that in UK (I think) they give 3 or maybe more.   
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Marion, many of us give larger doses of pergolide than 2 mgs. There is no "official" dose of Prascend or pergolide, the correct dose is the dose that controls your horse's symptoms and ACTH number.  Your vet may have read that 2mgs was the maximum dose used in Boehringer Ingelheim's year long study they submitted to the FDA for safety and effectiveness so they could get approval from the FDA to market Prascend. I believe that 7 or 8 horses in that study of 20 horses were not controlled on 2mgs, but BI was approved anyway( Dr.Kellon will know the official number of horses in the study, etc.)  Often vets haven't read the actual study and don't realize that there were horses who were not controlled on 2mgs, instead, they listen to BI's reps who tell them 1-2 mgs is a "typical" dose. Then they become nervous if a horse owner wants to administer more because their horse isn't controlled. 

As you pointed out, in the UK, BI did a different study there to comply with the government approval process and I believe BI ended up using a max, dose of 5mgs. I don't know the particulars of that study.

Tipperary is currently receiving 7mgs of compounded pergolide. ECIR has many horses on significantly more mgs than that. The reason most switch to compounded is because once you get into 3 plus mgs. of pergolide, Prascend becomes both prohibitively expensive and trying to administer it as a tablet becomes problematic. Most horses start refusing it because you can't hide it well in feed. Juniper is receiving 1.5 mgs of Prascend, because so far, she is consuming it in beet pulp and it is currently controlling her symptoms. ( I haven't had her retested). She will likely have to go on compounded eventually as her need for pergolide increases.

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Hi Marion,

You may need to discuss the fact that there are many horses who are on more than 2mg of prascend per day with your vet. You can take a look at the Pergolide Database to get an idea of some of the dosages being used by ECIR group member horses.  It's also noted on the main ECIR page that we have horses using up to 17mg a day:


Mine is on 24 mg compounded capsules as has done well on it for years.
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My daughter's mare, Lyric is on 3 a day. If you search the files you should find a document w/ listing of the various dosages. Perhaps a mod can chime in. Nancy Reed

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This is what typing 'pergolide database' into the Files search box turned up.  Anyone can do this.  :)

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In addition to Kirsten's suggestion, let me also add this message with links  to the pergolide database raw data.  It's a fairly large spreadsheet and takes some study, but you can see a number of folks with much higher dosages.,,,100,0,0,0::Created,,posterid%3A205+granular,100,2,0,34560691

My gelding was on 14 mg compound in the end.  Even 5 mg of Prascend did not control his PPID.
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