Transitioning from prascend to compounded pergolide

Cheryl Oickle

Could some one point me to the information on the above topic? Namely how the prescription should be written to assure the same dosage is being given?
Currently Jewel is on one mg of Prascend.
Thank you
Cheryl and Jewel
Oct 2018
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Cheryl here is a link to a message with helpful info and links to more messages.,,,20,0,0,0::Created,,compounded+pergolide,20,2,0,69241073
When you first want more info about a subject please start by doing a search of the messages. There is a search block at the top of every page (see the top of this page) so just type something like "ordering compounded pergolide". 

Also we have excellent "Files" see the link to our files in the column on the left side of the Main Group page. If you open the files you will find the search box at the top of the page.
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Deb Walker

I started Scotty with a liquid compounded Pergolide, and after nearly a year of not seeing a lot, discovered that was probably a mistake. There are a lot of files here, including some of mine, that state how the liquid compounded versions do not hold their potency. Who would have known? I have since informed my vet. We now use Pet Health Pharmacy and he is getting 4 mg pergolide which actually equals about 3 mg Prascend, and he is doing well. I get the capsules, and after trial and error making sure they are consumed, I just stick one way back in the corner of his cheek, hold my hands over his face/teeth, and wait for it to go down. Otherwise, he got so he wouldn't even take a treat from me because I had meds mixed in.
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Jan Petersen

Hi, I just recently switched from Prescend to Compounded Pergolide from Wedgewood Pharmacy. I haven’t started it yet. RC is on 2 mg of Prescend daily. I assumed he would get the same dose of Pergolide. Am I wrong?
On a different note, RC has started sweating under his sheet this year. We have been taking them off at night and putting it on during the day as needed. He has a full body clip, minus the legs and neck, which doesn’t seem to be helping. My vet suggested adding Cyproheptadine, which he has been on for 2 weeks with no change. She suggested repeating his bloodwork in March. Is there anything else I can do?? Any suggestions on blankets that whisk moisture away? I don’t want him to get chilled. Thank you all!!

Jan and RC
Stockertown, PA, USA
Feb 2018
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Nancy C

Hi Jan

Try this link for info on pergolide dosage when switching.  There is specific language your vat should know.,,,100,0,0,0::Created,,%23pergolidestrength,100,2,0,3760540,ct=1&ct=1

Additionally lots more information in the HASHTAG section.

See collection of messages on pergolide strength

Cyproheptadine as an addition to pergolide is not effective. There is no support for it's use as effective in the veterinary literature, except from the maker of Prascend. They needed to give folks a place to go beyond the expense of their drug. Most of us switched to compound instead when this happened, because the cypro does not work.  I am not aware, could not find info relating to cypro and sweating.,,,100,0,0,0::Created,,posterid%3A58231+cyproheptadine,100,2,0,1060672

He may need a dosage increase. Testing will let you know.
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Lorna Cane

Hi Jan,

Here is an old  post from Jaini,discussing exactly this:

"Hi, all - I know this is an area of some confusion.  Prascend tablets contain 1 mg of pergolide as pergolide mesylate. 

When switching to or from Prascend, make sure to get the vet to write the script as "x mg of pergolide as pergolide mesylate" ,  rather than "x mg of pergolide"  That way, each capsule will have the same amount of pergolide as the equivalent number of Prascend tablets. So, a prescription for 2 mg of pergolide as pergolide mesylate will contain the same amount of pergolide (and pergolide mesylate) as 2 Prascend tablets.

If you are already on compounded pergolide, and are increasing the dose, there is no need to fuss about whether the pharmacy has given you x mg of pergolide, or x mg of pergolide mesylate, because you are titrating the dose up until you get control of the ACTH. It doesn't really matter what form it is in.

Does that make sense?. 
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Lorna  in Eastern  Ontario


Sherry Morse

Hi Jan,

How did your vet send the prescription in to Wedgewood?  If it was written as 2mg of pergolide as pergolide mesylate it's equivalent to 2 Prascend.  If it was not written that way it will be less.  

You can reference this post: Amount of pergolide in compounded capsules vs Prascend as well as this one: Re: Switching from Prascend to CP

As far as the sweating - that may be an indication that his PPID isn't as controlled as it should be so I would suggest bloodwork now rather than waiting until March and adjusting his dose of pergolide accordingly.  Cyproheptadine is an old treatment for PPID and from what I've read not a very reliable one.  You can read one study on it comparing it to using pergolide here: Treatment with Pergolide or Cyproheptadine of Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction (Equine Cushing's Disease)

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

I would like to emphasize here that there is not one shred of new evidence to show that cyproheptadine is useful in PPID. It was resurrected to give vets already using the top recommended dose of Prascend but without success something else to do.
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Jan Petersen

Thank you both!! I appreciate the information.

Jan and RC
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Feb 2018
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