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May Pearson

My pony, Blondie, has been on 1 mg of bute (1/2 am,1/2 pm) since April 2019 due to a severe arthritis of her right hock.
Often, after she rolled, she couldn't get up.  An x-ray showed she had no collagen so the vet and I decided to put her on bute.  
I was worried she might be on bute indefinitely. Now, she has developed arthritis on her right front knee.
Frequent breaks are  needed during shoeing.

Her hock has much improved to almost back to normal (I know I should taper her off
the bute, but the barn where I board her doesn't want to). It doesn't want be responsible if Blondie can't get up since bute works well, 
the people in the barn don't want to rock the boat.

I  know long-term use of  bute can have serious consequences, so I would like to put her on DC instead.
1). The protocol for tapering off bute is based on 2mg over 9 days. What is the best way to taper off 1mg ?
2). After she is no longer on bute, when should I start her on DC? Can DC be used for long- term maintenance?
3). My vet wants me to take her off bute and put her on 3/4 pill of equinox daily immediately. Is this a good idea?
What are the Group's opinions here?

Finally, I have not updated her CH, but I will do so as soon as possible.

Thank you

May Pearson Croton NY 2008


Eleanor Kellon, VMD


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