Leptin normal, Glucose and Insulin high


I had a metabolic panel drawn on my 11 yr warmblood gelding to rule out PPID as a cause for his equine asthma. I screwed up on the timing - the vet showed up early, and Magoo had only been fed 30 minutes prior to the blood draw and still had food in front of him, in addition to the feed time being an hour later than he is used to (usual worker's day off). The asthma is his only symptom, no fat pads or foot soreness. ECIR page says TRH can have false positives, so we had decided not to act on the TRH stimulation result, but I'm grateful for any opinions on any of the results. Specifically, if the leptin is normal, how concerned should I be about the insulin and glucose being in the uncompensated IR range under these blood draw conditions? Results are below. Thanks in advance!

Insulin - 25.56 mIU/mL
Glucose - 103 mg/dL
Leptin - 6.83 ng/mL
T3 - 49.9 ng/mL
T4 - 2.34 ug/mL
ACTH pre TRH - 16.4 pg/mL
ACTH post TRH -  133 pg/mL (normal 9-110)

Laura and Magoo
Petaluma, CA
NRC+ 0310

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Considering the conditions and the history, I wouldn't be concerned about any of these results.
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