Trouble Uploading Case History


I finally got my Case History Form filled out (mostly).
When I click on the link to make a folder, I don't get the option of making a new folder. I get a message that says "I am not subscribed to this group with this email".  However, I am obviously subscribed.

Help would be appreciated.

Terri Jennings
Arcata, CA
Joined 2019


Hi Terri,

it looks as though you have not yet joined the Case History subgroup.  There are two Terri’s there but I don’t think either is you.  Along the left side of the ECIR page where you read messages is a listing which includes ‘Subgroups’.  If you go there, you will have the choice of joining several subgroups, including case history, hooves and Horsekeeping.  Each needs to be joined separately with its own signature file.
Once you find your way there, the instructions should make more sense.
Martha in Vermont
ECIR Group Primary Response
July 2012 
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