Thin soles and no boots question

Bobbie Day

Hi All,
Just hoping maybe Dr.K , Lavinia or anyone else that can maybe help me out here. We trimmed Desi the other day, I didn’t take more pictures but hoping to after another try this weekend. She has been in boots almost constantly (2018) since we started this journey. She has several pairs but all too big now. She’s been in socks and leg wraps as well. Our nights are around freezing now. after her last trim the boots  were so sloppy I decided to see how she’d do barefoot.
shes doing really well, now after all that my question 😊
I know it’s hard to tell from her hoof pictures if her sole depth has improved. I know we need new xrays but it’s just not in the budget right now. Would she tell me (ouchy, soreness) if her soles were still so thin that it’s painful?
her coral is pretty packed right now but she does have some soft mats and bedding. I think just to be cautious I’ll get something on her tomorrow but just curious if it’s ok to leave them off if she’s not showing signs of tenderness?
thanks everyone!

Bobbie and Desi
Utah, Nov 2018

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Bobbie,

If she isn't tender without the boots you can start leave them off for periods. Just watch her reactions and adjust accordingly. Increase the amount of time with them off as her feet acclimate to being bare.
Leave her legs wrapped when it's cold, maybe with socks on them in the stall at night, if the boots are dangerously sloppy.

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