Recommended magnesium oxide for the emergency diet? Delete other supplements?


Can you all recommended where to buy the magnesium oxide please? My local feed store doesn't have anything that's not mixed in with other things. And is there a brand that is better than others? Also, does it matter on the flax?  My mare is eating the beet pulp well but she is dehydrated so the vet wants to let her have the water with it. It is molasses free. I now have hay that she is eating well that has been tested. Can I get help on balancing it out? We are soaking it still. She has been on Nano E for awhile and we have increased her amount. She is also on Equinity (amino acids), EquiBrew (probiotics), Micro Max (pelleted vitamin that has 185 mg of iron) and MSM which I think should be stopped? I started the Micro Max vitamin pellets because I was feeding her just a handful (1 cup) of the Triple Crown Lite. She is a big girl and weighs a least 1200 lbs. I need to ask about her weight when I go in today. They weighed her when she came in 2/13/20. She has been on Triple Crown Lite only as a carrier for her other supplements for while. Trying to get them to stop that and only due the beet pulp - heading down to the hospital - again - shortly. I also had a red mineral block ( I am now suspicious about iron)  but she now has a Himalayan salt in her stall at the hospital. Oh how I wish I'd been better about writing down what I did when... 

I have started the case history form but it needs more info. I think she is IR and PPID. I have more bloodwork to upload but am hopelessly not tech savvy and cannot figure it out. I am going to ask for her radiographs today. I'm sorry to put so much in this one post but I am still in panic mode although I am trying to keep breathing.Than you all so much!
Laurie R. in Knoxville, TN 2020

Lorna Cane

Laurie, sorry to be short on answers about mag ox, and I'm not sure what your question is about flax.
But definitely add water to the beet pulp. Some horses like it soupy, some a little less wet. But feeding it dry can lead to least that was an unfortunate experience for me.
Iodized salt added to her bucket food is good. If it were me,wrt the block in her stall,I would use just a plain white one, or a white iodized block,if available. 

You can keep adding to your case history after you load it. It doesn't have to be totally filled out . Just add the link to it to your signature,and give us a heads up to take a look.


Lorna  in Eastern  Ontario


Sherry Morse

Hi Laurie,

Keep on breathing!  As far as Mag Ox - if there's a local feed mill in your area see if they can provide you with a bag of food grade Mag Ox.  It's not very expensive (well shouldn't be - about $1/lb seems to be average) and it lasts quite a while.  You can also buy the Uckele version and get a 5% discount if you use code ECIR at checkout -  

Flax can also come from the local feed mill if they have it.  You can buy the whole seeds and grind it yourself but buying at a health food store can get expensive very quickly so finding it at a mill would be a better option.

Yes, you should stop the MSM if she's positive for IR or PPID.  The TC Lite can be replaced by beet pulp or Stabul 1.  

Telling us her current weight is helpful, but we need to know what her ideal weight would be as well.  

Beet pulp needs to be rinsed/soaked/rinsed but then can be fed with water to help with hydration.  I would also add plain salt directly to the beet pulp to help encourage her to drink.  

If you feel she needs to have a salt lick just use a plain white one - there's extra dirt in the Himalayan block (that's what causes the color change) and there may be extra iron in that as well.

If you're getting stuck with uploading information just let us know where in the process you're having an issue and we'll be able to help.

Lorna Cane

Beet pulp needs to be rinsed/soaked/rinsed but then can be fed with water to help with hydration.  I would also add plain salt directly to the beet pulp to help encourage her to drink.  "

Sherry's totally correct . I didn't mention the R/S/R protocol in my other post because I didn't think the hospital would go for that. Never assume anything. 

Sorry for any confusion I might have caused. Sigh.


Lorna  in Eastern  Ontario



Hi, Laurie. I know you're feeling a lot of pressure with your horse in the hospital.  A couple of idea for chasing down supplements...

You can get Uckele Mag Ox, small plain white salt block, and Omega Horseshine (4 ½  lb bag) through Amazon, at a premium, of course.  The upside is all are on Amazon Prime, so delivery is fast if you're a member.

If you need a taste tempter with beet pulp, you can get Stabul 1 delivered through Mine comes within 2 days. Unfortunately it's a 50 lb bag.

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Laurie, you asked about flax. You can buy it in bulk from a feed store or from a bulk food store. A small coffee grinder (like a mini-blender) can be found on Amazon.
It takes about 6 seconds to grind, very easy.
We are all pulling for you while you rush about trying to get it all in place. Do one thing at a time and in a few weeks it will seem like normal routine.
Bonnie and Lad
North Ontario
Dec 2008