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Bobbie Day

I was always under the impression that Stabul one was one of the few feeds without added iron but when I looked in the files it actually has 427 ppm ?
ive never really looked at bagged feeds before but is it just that it’s low carb low sugar that makes it so well tolerated? Ive been feeding it as a carrier but I really don’t want more iron?
Desi loves it 

Bobbie and Desi
Utah, Nov 2018


We aim for feeds with no added iron. Every feed based on plant ingredients contains iron. Look at the Equi-Analytical common feed profiles. Some common feed ingredients have iron in that range, and higher. Look at alfalfa and beet pulp, for example. 

Most of us feed only small amounts of Stabul1. I feed 180 grams/day, which adds 75 mg iron, a fraction of the daily total. If you read more of the analyses of Stabul1, you'll find a range of iron results, some higher, some lower. It is a valuable taste tempter. If your horse doesn't need tempting, maybe you can eliminate it. 
Cass, Sonoma Co., CA 2012
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Nancy C

In addition to Cass's info, the iron is balanced with he copper and zinc. Balance is needed to counteract any excess iron.
Nancy C in NH
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