Horrible abscess! Help!


I posted earlier last week about a donkey that suffered a low grade lamanitic even that resulted in bilateral abscesses. The left front foot has recovered But he is still horribly off on his right front. He will only put weight on the toe of his foot. it’s been ongoing since July 1st in the front right.
yesterday when rewrapping his hoof, I noticed a large slit in his coronet band where I believe it blew from. It is very sore to touch. However he is still quite lame.

i have been soaking his feet one hour twice a day in warm water and Epsom salt. (The best I was able to do last week due to a crazy EMS work schedule).
after soaking I wrap his hoof in a wet animalintex pad and either add itchamol or an Epsom salt gel to his sole.

anyone ever deal with extended lameless even after an abscess blow out?
i fortunately have some days off this coming week, So any advise? Additional soaking? 

i do have a call out to the vet. He may want to come out and take a look to see what’s going on.

Kelsey Hovi from PA 2020


I dealt with extended lameness. Actually it started with 13 days of muscle tremors and NWB to the point of lying down. There was a fissure where the abscess had drained but still not much relief. I had my farrier come out and he trimmed the hoof again to change how the weight was loaded and the next day she was sound!

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Kirsten Rasmussen

Kelsey, it could be that he has more than one abscess pocket to blow, or he didn't quite get it all out the first time.  I've learned here that giving jiaogulan can help speed up the process because it increases circulation in the hoof, but that speed can also cause them to worsen temporarily as things are working their way out.

If you could post some hoof photos of your donkey, maybe we can advise whether or not the trim needs an adjustment, too?

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Hey Kristen, I would gladly post pictures but I’m not sure how! Lol

As of right now, we have him trimmed every 4-5 weeks, sooner if needed.  My farrier luckily for us, is very experienced with donkeys. We have also had images of his feet in the past just to double check the trims were well balanced for him. 
Kelsey Hovi from PA 2020

Sherry Morse

Hi Kelsey,

All the info for posting pictures can be found here: https://ecir.groups.io/g/main/wiki#Photos-and-Hoof-Evaluation-Help - if you click on the link for 'how to create a photo album' there are step by step instructions with pictures. If you need help after reading through that, just let us know where you're getting stuck.