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Sara Gooch

I'd like to change to Stabul 1 as a supplement carrier now that I've discovered that it's available through Chewy's. I'm wondering what flavor seems to be the most palatable to the most horses.  I fully understand that what might be delicious to one horse is not tasty to another horse!  But I'm still wondering what flavor(s) seem to be the most popular. So for those of you using Stabul 1, could you please share what flavor you had the most success with, fenugreek, peppermint, or banana?  

Thanks in advance--

Sara Gooch, 2011, NE California

Bobbie Day

you can get free samples if you ask?
i just went on their website and they (Randy)? sent all flavors out. Personally my crew likes the fenugreek.
Bobbie and Desi
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Utah, Nov 2018


Hi Sara,
I took the free sample approach, years ago.  They had other flavors for some of their other products which complicated things as I think we may have settled on ‘pina colada’ only to learn it wasn’t an option for the bagged feed.  I have used all three of those flavors.  Right now we are working on peppermint, which seems agreeable to all of them but you would be wise to look into samples.
Martha in Vermont
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July 2012 
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ferne fedeli

My guys seemed to eat all the flavors ok, but I finally settled on Banana...


Ferne Fedeli  Magic & Jack   2007

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Shevawn Romine

The last 2 bags of Stabul 1 I received have visible pieces of corn in the pellets.      I would never choose to feed my horse corn,   so a little concerned.    Has anyone else noticed this and is it still ok for IR/EMS horses?     

Cassie and Shevawn
03/2015   Gordon, TX
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Frances C.

I received samples from Randy. Divided each sample into 2 clean shallow plastic bowls (about 4" deep and 8" wide) Ditto for each sample so using 8 bowls. Let the horses(2) have a sniff of each and then set them all down equally apart simultaneously. The horses scarfed up the fenugreek first. So I purchased the fenugreek via Chewy. FIRST THING IN THE MORNING MY PPID MARE GETS 2 OZ OF STABUL 1 IN ONE OF THESE BOWLS, HAND HELD, IN WHICH IS HER 1 TAB OF PRASCEND (about the same size as a Stabul pellet) WHICH JUST HAS A TIP OF HONEY ON IT TO MAKE IT STICK TO A PELLET. SHE IS SO HAPPY TO GOBBLE EVERYTHING UP. Problems of administering Pracend solved. Thank you so much Randy!
- Frances C.
December 2017, Washington & California
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Kim Rice

Hi,  Randy at Nuzu (Stabul1) will send out samples to you.  My horse has been eating banana and peppermint but he also liked fenugreek.

He also sends out directly the product if you don't want to go thru Chewy.
Kim R, Lafayette, CA  2019

Deb Walker

Sara - Scotty eats the banana, but seems to prefer the fenugreek, so that is the only one I buy now. He hates peppermint anything, so I knew better than to try that.
Deb and Scotty I/R, PPID
Pecatonica Illinois, May 13, 2019
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Kim Rice

Hi Cassie,

I have not noticed any corn in the Stabul1 I have used at all over the last year.  Sorry you found some.
Kim R, Lafayette, CA  2019

Kelly Kathleen Daughtry

Definitely get the samples. My horse won't go near the banana but loved the fenugreek until she got an ulcer. We've cleared that up and now she'll eat the peppermint. That's saying a lot because she is an extremely picky eater. 
Kelly & Micah, Clayton NC

April 2016

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Sara Gooch

Thank you to all of you for the tips about Stabul 1 flavors. I had no idea I could get samples from the company. I'll do that. Even though it sounds like all who responded said their horses would eat the fenugreek flavor, knowing how finicky my horses can be, samples are a great idea!

Thanks again,
Sara Gooch, 2011, NE California

Sara Gooch

Thanks for your reply. Was there some connection between the fenugreek flavor Stabul 1 and the ulcer?

Sara Gooch, 2011
NE California