Case History-Create New Folder Issue

Marianne @ Austin

I am sure this button is right in front of me but.....
After clicking on the here hyperlink I land on the Case History page but do not see a New Folder button.   

I did have a file in the old group (2009) but completed the new case history form and joined this group.  Maybe somewhere in there lies the issue.
Thank You in advance for your help-
Marianne in Austin



Hi, Marianne.
Since is a new platform since you joined long ago, it's possible you need to join the Case History subgroup.

Did you go to this link and follow the instructions to join? 

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Sherry Morse

Hi Marianne,

Groups did an update the other day and we haven't had a chance to update all of the information documents so when you go to the Case History group in the files section there's now just one button that says "+New" with a little downward facing arrow.  If you click on that button it will then show a drop down list and "New Folder" is an option under there.  

Hope that helps and from that point you should be ok (although again, once you've created a folder the button will still just say "+New" and need to be clicked on to select "Upload File").  Let us know if you get stuck!