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Kelly Gilmartin

Vet prescribed insulinwise by KPP- looking for advice because as I read the files I thought I saw that reservatrol interacts with pergolide

states product has proven to reduce insulin concentrations following an OST challenge at both 60 and 75 minutes. 
active Ingredients:
leucine 2100mg
lysine 1740mg
glutamic acid 1010 mg
reservatrol 750 mg
quercetin 500mg
proline 470 mg
alanine 395 mg
glycine 250mg

Manfredi JM, Stapley ED, Nash D. Effects of a dietary supplement on insulin and adipokine concentrations in equine metabolic syndrome/insulin dysregulatiom. J Equine Vet Sci 2020:88:102930
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Lorna Cane

Hi Kelly,

If you enter Insulinwise into the Search box,you will see a number of messages,by members who have used it.
It hasn't  been a total success, in their experiences.


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Check out FAQ :

Kelly Gilmartin

Do we know if the reservatrol is contraindicated in a horse on Pergolide?

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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Kelly,

There's been lots of discussion regarding Insulinwise and resveratrol. Here are a few links to get you started:

You can search the message archives for both using the Search box at the top of the page.

Per Dr. Kellon:

Most people can eliminate most or all of the special focus supplements by going back to basic diet balancing.  This is salt, flax (for omegas), vitamin E added separately and a mineral/vitamin mix to  match your hay."

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Nancy C

Hi Kelly

Also see the doc on resveratrol here.

Hope this helps.
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Also, there is this post by Dr. Jaini.


“Resveratrol stimulates cortisol production, which in turn raises insulin:

It has diurectic properties and diuretics can be dangerous in IR/PPID as the horse already has polyuria/polydipsia.“


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