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Candice Piraino

Hi Kelly!

I agree with what Cass has suggested to you about going slow with the hay. 

Sometimes there are variables that play a part that we often may not think about or even directly change ourselves. I would also only change one thing at a time to give your horse enough stabilization time and for YOU too! Sometimes we try to do too much at once (hello- that’s me! Lol)

I am hoping your insulin results come back much lower then last time. 

I would wait on the ThyroL, unless Dr. K or your vet say otherwise. ThyroL won’t help lower insulin numbers. Is your horse lame/sore currently and that’s why you are waiting on boots? And is he currently on any NSAIDS? Before extra exercise or movement, be sure to wean slowly off of the NSAIDS.

I think you are doing all the right things- just need some time to pass along a little. 

I know what you mean about stocking up on hay and it being too risky! I’m in Central Florida and the humidity kills the hay quickly! And I have 3 equines! 

I think it would be a good idea for you to choose something like Vermont Blend to make sure your horses are receiving adequate vitamins and minerals while you work out the hay situation though. You can always add more Copper/Zinc later if needed and even additional magnesium oxide. 

~ Candice 

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On the new hay. It takes time for our horses' digestive systems to grow new populations of microflora to process new hay, even if it's the same type of grass as the old hay.  I do it very slowly, often taking two weeks with my more sensitive horse, starting at 1 pound per day, adding another pound next day, pausing any time I see signs of digestive upset. 

How long did you take to introduce the new hay?
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Kelly Gilmartin

Our stim results came in today and it looks like we are in good shape there: Pre: 20.0 Post: 63.0 (this is after increasing to 2.5 mg a week or two before the test). Our insulin results are still pending but he was very high upon our last value (100). 

We are weighing hay (20lbs per day since 8/10 and have removed all turnout/grazing). I am awaiting hay analysis results but in the meantime Buddy developed Free Fecal Water when ingesting the new hay although mixed with old hay and soaked and steamed). So, we have removed the new hay (and I am frustrated because I just wasted my money on hay testing this batch).  I have only two horses in my care and its too risky to buy large lots of hay with picky eaters although I agree mineral balancing is ideal.  Should I just use Vermont Blend or some other balancer when customized hay testing and balancing isnt feasible? What do others do? Thankful for the advice of KG and Dr K but this is daunting to someone who cant buy large amounts of hay and cant financially afford to test each batch each time it changes.  

Also, would you add Thyro-L or metformin to his regimen? I feel confident our Pergolide dose is ok now but the insulin is still concerning. We arent moving yet as my Soft Ride boots are on the way and the farrier is trying to get out to trim. TIA
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