Dried Oak Leaves - Donkeys



I was wondering if anyone knows if dried oak leaves are safe for donkeys to eat? I know that acorns & green leaves are not good - but am unsure about the autumn leaves. My donkeys seem to Hoover them up when they blow into their paddock. One of my donkeys has Cushings & has had chronic laminitis over the last year which has been under control until a couple of days ago after wind blew more leaves in. I’m trying to source the trigger. But it could be the wormer I drenched them with?

Any advice would be appreciated  



Philippa New Zealand 2020
Case History: https://ecir.groups.io/g/CaseHistory/files/Philippa%20&%20Abraham  ;

Sherry Morse

Hi Philippa,

A quick search of the Google says leaves can be dangerous to all species of animals:

Oak buds in the spring and green acorn hulls in the fall cause oak poisoning in horses. Oak toxins are highest in:

  • Immature leaves

  • Members of the black and red oak species

  • Immature acorns

https://news.vet.tufts.edu/2018/09/ask-the-expert-the-truth-about-acorn-toxicity/: Oak (Quercus species) toxicity in horses is not common. While most portions of the oak tree; blossoms, buds, leaves, stems, and acorns can be toxic, horses are often not affected because it requires eating a large amount of oak leaves or acorns to show clinical signs.