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Sandy Gazzard

hi, my mare has lost her weight,her cresty neck,but now she has lost it all from her to line.she has no grass, adlib late cut low sugar hay.her digestion is bang on now. ive  been leading her over ploes to help her to line. what else can I do? she has mineral balancer, hay cob nuts and pura beet.and salt. and is kept on a track on a hill. 
any thoughts ,
many thanks
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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Could you post a few photos from different angles? Topline is about 50% muscle and 50% fat. Unless the tips of her spine are protruding up higher than the muscle on either side of them, her muscling is normal.
Eleanor in PA 
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Sherry Morse

Hi Sandy,

Without a case history and pictures it's almost impossible for us to answer this question.  Has this mare ever actually been diagnosed with IR?  I believe from looking at previous messages she is PPID which can cause a loss of muscle tone if it isn't treated.  Is she being treated for it?  What is her current weight?  What is her ideal weight?  Is she having soundness issues?  If not, how much is she being exercised?

Again, thee are many reasons for loss of topline in a normal horse, but without knowing details there's no way to even begin to address this question.