Needing to add muscles

Suzanne and Pilgrim

I’ve been riding Pilgrim steady since beginning of March - increasing distances. He is gaited and we’ve done lots of conditioning miles at a running walk. He does not have much muscle over all and is lean in the hind end. He does not have the muscle to gait for a long time and will fall into a pace. What can I feed him to help him build muscle over all to help him in his gaiting. He has been on a diet of low sugar/starch grass hay 24/7 with a bit of beet pulp and supplements. He has started getting a ration of Amino Trace plus daily

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Suzanne,

My first question would be what is the protein content of his current hay?  Do you have a hay test for his current hay?  Then, does is there enough protein to meet his needs for his level of work?  It would be best to have a hay balancer determine this for you.  Depending on how much Amino Trace+ he is getting now, he will be getting a little more protein from it so that will need to be factored in to see if he still needs more.

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