Test for ACTH levels

Val McAuley

It has been a while since I posted on this site. My horse Becky has crossed over the rainbow bridge a few years ago. Just wondering if I should delete her case history. 
I have a gelding who is 25 years old. He did not shed out this spring so I had to body clip him. He is not showing any other signs of Cushing. His body weight was low in spring. His diet is soaked beet pulp and hay cubes. I started him on a supplement feed grow and win last month. He has gained weight and body condition has improved. I also feed Mad barn minerals. He is on pasture grass but that is limited due to decreased growth. He doesn’t seem interested in hay.
As this is beginning of fall season should I get him for ACTH levels? I know he is a geriatric horse and not sure what else could be going on. 

Nov 2017

Sherry Morse

Hi Val,

We prefer if members leave their case histories posted and just make a note on the CH information that the horse has passed. 

As far as your gelding, he sounds like he may have PPID (not shedding an weight loss are both symptoms) but only bloodwork can confirm that.  If you were to get him tested now you would need to interpret the results in light of it being the seasonal rise, but probably better to get him on medication sooner rather than later.

LJ Friedman

thinking insulin and leptin might be addled too 
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Kirsten Rasmussen

Insulin is always good to know because of its association with laminitis risk, but the leptin (while interesting) may not be particularly helpful.

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