Winter laminitis and blanketing

Jan D

Do you start blanketing and using boots, socks and fleece lined shipping boots at 40 degrees and under;  thus preventing the horse’s coat to fully grow for when the temperature gets really cold?  
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Hi Jan,  I don’t have a horse that seems subject to winter hoof pain.  There are others with direct experience who might have more to offer.  I would think that a horse might be more sensitive to sub freezing temps than those above so that as the temps go down as soon as you have an indication of foot pain would be the time to start blanketing and wrapping.
I realize there are differing opinions on this but my understanding is that the winter coat growth is regulated more by the length of day than the temps so blanketing would not stop the coat from developing, although it would flatten it, leaving it less effective.
Martha in Vermont
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July 2012 
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Sherry Morse

Hi Jan,

I don't believe we've ever discussed blanketing as being helpful with winter laminitis.  The main issue is keeping the extremities warm at 40 and below - you can read more in our archives or on Dr. Kellon's blog:

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Blanketing can also be helpful in extreme cold - anytime the horse is shivering for sure - because keeping them warm in general helps prevent blood from shifting away from the extremities.
Eleanor in PA 
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