Adding Jiaogulan to diet

Cheryl Oickle

As above.  I have noticed that Jewel is a bit more apathetic, depressed maybe since increasing her pergolide over 8 weeks ago. Her activity level  a bit slower, yet her usual interactiveness is great. Of note she has been stocking up a bit but this resolves with riding
I do not see any signs of laminitis, she still moves out fairly well when ridden, appetite great, weight stable etc.
Trims continue on a 4 week cycle.  Yes she is getting older (almost 20) but...
My question, a trial of jiaogulan I am considering.  Would it hurt. And how much should I give, I can only feed once daily.
My friend suggests adding AAKG. Is this necessary

Cheryl and Jewel
Oct 2018
Port Alberni BC Canada

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

No, it won't hurt. Start with 1 tsp if she will eat it as a paste (most will) once or twice a  day.  If feeding with meals, start with 1 tbsp. Adding AAKG is for enhanced circulatory effects and won't help with the adaptogen action.
Eleanor in PA 
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