I have a question


How do you pull these capsules apart? My husband and I tried and tried? Priddy is suppose to get 1 mg a day now and we could not gently pull the cap apart.


Thank you


Marcia Miner

Sanger TX


Marcia M

Lorna Cane

Marcia, I remember having that problem.
In that case, I used a hypodermic needle, probably 18g, to poke a hole in one end.
Let half the powder sift out onto the index card, then tip that into the syringe.


Lorna  in Eastern  Ontario
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Maxine McArthur

Marcia, I found that mine needed a little twist. Hold over a piece of clean paper or something to catch any spills. 
Maxine and Indy (PPID) and Dangles (PPID)

Canberra, Australia 2010
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