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LJ Friedman

jesse is on day 6 of 20 mg cp, ( last received 2.5 ml of  cabergoline on 10/14. With apf on board i notice one change: his water intake has reduced a bit.  hard to say total amount of decrease?? 10-15%?

Can anything positive be extrapolated from this? Like perhaps the compounded pergolide is controlling his PPID better than Cabergoline  and he is drinking less voraciously?  being on invokana, he has 24 hr access to water, always fresh, as 5 gallon buckets are always refilled during the day and 10 gallons are available duribg the nite ( buckets are never empty at refill time,
jesse contiues to be very happy and engafedt

2 oz iodized salt each day.  weather is cooling too.But I don’t remember him drinking less during the cooler months of April May June.

LJ Friedman  Nov 2014 Vista,   Northern  San Diego, CA

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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

His water intake is more likely the result of Invokana and higher urine output. Less isn't necessarily better in that scenario. Keep an eye on his urine specific gravity.
Eleanor in PA 
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