what have you found to be the best therapeutic boots to wear? the new Cloud's insert now appears to slant forward. my old pair did not.

Deb Walker

Rose - I think each horse has individual hoof shapes/sizes and based on their natural anatomy one kind of boot works better than others.

I loved the Cloud boots, and he wore them exclusively for almost 2 years. There is a therapeutic wedge which raises the heel. However, I probably went through 10 or more pair of pads over a period of time in order to keep them even. Growing out from laminitis is a very low process, so wear patterns would make the pads uneven. I also marked the boots left and right as Maxine suggested.

I tried the Soft Rides, and for Scotty's conformation and foot size, they just did not work. However, I LOVE the soft ride pads, and as I was working to get his heel down, he has worn those pads exclusively in his Clouds. I have gone through 3 sets of Clouds, and they are all pretty rough, but as long as they stay on and I can get the Soft Ride pads in, that has worked the best for his rehabilitation.
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I have used Soft Rides with good results

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When my IR horse developed laminitis I put him in a pair of EasyCare Clouds. He was getting a great corrective trim but eventually I realized that his toes appeared to be rubbing and wearing because his feet slid forward into the toes of the boots. The pads were wearing thru at the toes in a fairly short time. I decided to switch out the wedge pads for flat pads of the same material.
I found this business to be a great source for a wide variety of hoof pads.

They sell a huge variety of pad materials. Once my horse was sound enough for walking I moved him into a riding style boot type and was able to progress him from very soft pads to firmer pads and eventually to riding him in boots. Great source, they also have a low cost "Slipper" which will hold pads also. Lower priced than therapy boot, will not be a durable but excellent for short term use.
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thank you, that makes sense.
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Maxine McArthur

Rose, as far as I’m aware, the Cloud pads have always had a slight wedge. They seem to be well accepted by most horses, however, and they squish down to confirm to the individual hoof shape. I always marked the boots left and right so that I would always use the same boot on each hoof. 

You could substitute any of the usual flat pads for the Cloud pads, but the Cloud pads last much longer than most other pads.

Does your horse not like the pads in the new boots? It could be because they haven’t conformed to his feet yet. My horse took a few days to get used to hers when I changed old pads to new ones.

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