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Bonnie Eddy

My newly diagnosed PPID (and started on Prascend), 20 year old gelding has stopped eating his Arizona copper complete that he's picked at for the past year. Thinking of trying the Mad Barn Amino Trace. I'd had Horse Tech remove the synthetic vit e and have been adding the capsules. My question, should I continue adding the capsules  or would the A.T. be sufficient as is? It's been said that the e had oil prior to being pelletized. 
I'm also considering the Uckele Foundation (cost difference consideration). So same question would apply. 

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Not a direct answer to your vit e question but... be aware that the madbarn AT can take some getting used to for some horses. My gelding took a few weeks to really decide he was going to eat it. Not trying to discourage you from using the product,  just be aware.
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LJ Friedman

My understanding is that vitamin E capsules, vit a capsules,, flax and salt are always added separately no matter the supplement that you are using.
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Cheryl Oickle

My horse would not eat the mad barn products however I tried and a lot of wasted $$ and attempts. Went to mineral balancing which is granulated specific to hay analysis......nope again after more $$ and major tries.
She will take vitamin e capsules dissolved in her soaked hay cubes i soak for 24 hr and salt eagerly...Cannot find a product other than Dr Reeds pellets for vitamin supplement she will take! Not ideal but better than nothing I suppose.
Good luck!

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Candice Piraino

HI Bonnie,

I think since your horse has gone off his feed, you might want to start at a baseline with just the carrier for several deals for a few days until he eats 100%, then add in one thing at a time. I hear GREAT things about MadBarn blend so I would definitely give that a try!


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Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Bonnie,

The question of whether vit E mixed with oil prior to being added to pelleted or powdered supplements is as available as in oil-filed capsules has not been answered yet here, and maybe there's no way to know for sure without an actual study on it. 

Scott at Mad Barn, whose website states he has 20+ years experience combined with an MSc in physiology and nutrition (presumably equine?) and is working on his PhD now, feels that adding oil before pelletizing is perfectly fine.  He wrote to me that there is no need for oil-filled capsules.

Some horses here seem to reject the Mad Barn products, but I've had no issues.

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