Testing ACTH right out of the paddock??


So I scheduled an ACTH test. They’re coming tomorrow. Last time I had to keep him in his stall overnight an with grass hay only. This time they say just let him be turned out and they can test him. Is this an acceptable test method?
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If I remember correctly, it is preferred that horses are relaxed and mellow without any strenuous activity before testing. So perhaps you should stall him.?  I’m sure you’ll get a moderator to comment soon
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I'm no expert but I generally try to have my horse's blood pulled at a similar time of day and generally that time is shortly before or after coming in from her paddock depending on time of year. 

I try to be there to make sure that she's not running about before hand but I figure that the testing result will be a reflection of where she's at while living what she knows to be her regular routine. Changing her routine to accommodate a blood pull seems more likely to cause stress for her, imo. 


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You're right, Tanna. Sticking to their routine is best.
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