Invokana is working for Finn and Elliott!!!!!


Hi All,
I’m on cloud 9 with our new insulin data for Finn and Elliott. After 6 weeks on Invokana Elliott dropped to 57 from 103.  Finn was a little slower to respond but is now at 66 after 10 weeks (down from 99 6 weeks ago). We started at greater than 200. I know we aren’t “within normal limits” but they are at much less risk. For the first time on this journey I feel like I’ll be able to manage them for a long life. 

I will get their case histories updated ASAP. I just couldn’t wait to share the good news. Thanks to everyone for all I’ve learned and especially Dr. K. 
Terri Jennings with Teeny, Finn and Elliott
Arcata, CA
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Great news!  It is a relief for sure having something that is working as so stressful when we are doing everything else and their insulin stays high. Wonderful news for u and the ponies!!!
August 5, 2017, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada



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