Vet in North Texas?

Cindy Giovanetti

I looked at the Professionals list, but there is only one vet listed (in the whole world, LOL).

Can anyone recommend a vet in North Texas who is willing to help me follow the ECIR protocol?  My vet is cooperative, but apparently finds my requests for bloodwork tiresome.

Many thanks.
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Saucier Kathy

I recommend Dr. David Fazzino, Cold Springs Animal Hospital in Anna, TX.
I used to board in Celina and long time ago was my vet.  When my first horse became IR & C's he did the dex suppression test.  I educated him as i learned more from this group.  Later a friend, who also uses him, told me he had switched to the ACTH.  I gave him lots of literature way back then and he came around even back then to doing whatever test I asked but now does the preferred one and understands more of the protocol.  He is really nice and tell him I said hi.
Kathy Saucier
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LJ Friedman

hilarious  dr grove?  my vet  
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You many want to talk with  Dr. Sammy Pittman - Innovative Equine Podiatry in Collinsville, TX.   He is a Vet and a Farrier.   He will not find your requriements for Bloodwork  / Xrays, etc, bothersome.  A high percentage of his patients are IR/EMS/Cushings/Laminitics as he specializes in equine foot care (he does not provide general equine vet services).  
Joe S. in TX 2020

Cindy Giovanetti