Auburn University PPID/EMS Survey


The Horse online magazine has an article about Auburn University conducting a survey on PPID and EMS for those of you who are interested. The article and survey links are below.

I used the opportunity to share some misconceptions on testing, medications and dosing. Hopefully it will help educate another generation on Dr. Kellon's well-founded principles.

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I struggled awhile on answering the question re: what sources do you use for information. "The internet" made me think of all the bad advice out there, but I clicked on it anyway and added a full paragraph on this group in a later question.

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ferne fedeli

Thanks for the info, Jennifer.  I also completed the survey and put in a plug for this group!

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I filled out the survey as well although I was a bit skeptical.  First, there was no option for people like me who own five horses so I put more than five.  Second, there were no accommodations described which matched my situation, which isn’t all that uncommon.  My five horses live in my barn, which I manage.  It will be interesting to see how they interpret their results.
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As to where I get trusted information, I clicked “other” and was able to fill in that ECIR is moderated by a vet on the internet.  LOL. 



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