Purnia Outlast


-- I read that not to give salt to horses that are feed kelp. So I did some looking at the Purnia Outlast that I have been giving my Cushings mare, for her ulcers. She was scooped a couple of years ago and had ulcers. I have treated her twice with Ulcer guard since. So I have been feeding her the Outlast 1 c.  3 x a day as recommended on bag for maintance. I checked ingredients and found it is alfalfa based with seaweed. But surprised to see it also has molasses. So my question is should I discontinnue the Outlast. 
Denise Wa 2019

Sherry Morse

Hi Denise,

We do not recommend Outlast due to the alfalfa and molasses it contains.

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

A 40 gram serving of kelp has less than 1/10 of the bare bones, cold weather salt requirement of the average horse. Bad advice not to feed salt if giving kelp.
Eleanor in PA

EC Owner 2001