Invokana and Trigylcerides going up

Nancy Kitchen

Dr Kellon;
Given the recent testing results I wanted to update you on Smoke.  He is currently on 300 mg of Invokana daily.  Last urine with the new testing strips on April 9 showed he is putting out 1030+ on the glucose.
His triglycerides on 01-29-21 were 71, slightly high on the range of 14-65
on the 04-21-21 testing he is creeping up  to 153- range being 14-65.
His ACTH is well controlled on 1/2 tab of Prascend daily at 12.7 (9-35 is range) on the 04-21-21 testing and his insulin is up at 60.27 (range is 10-40)
I have changed and tightened up his diet... and I will update all this on my case history asap.
He is now getting 1 cup of rsr speedibeet - 1/2 cup of alfalfa pellets - 1 cup of balance cubes with VT blend and OCD pellets 2x daily.  I have removed the Poulin mini bites and the TC balancer gold (they may have contributed to the increase)  20-25# of 9% first cut hay unsoaked.  
With the upward trend of the triglycerides would you recommend I continue with the 300 mg daily of Invokana or do you suggest I reduce this to 150 mg daily or possibly 300 mg every other day?  Thank you and I will also post this on the forum for all to see.
Nancy K
Smoke and Tucky
November 2018, Southeast, MA

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