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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Thanks, Bobbie. The photos are fine.

There's no reason not to use a grinder - I use one all the time. Just keep moving it around instead of sitting too long in one spot. It's a huge asset to both you AND to Desi, as you can get the work done so much more quickly. To work on the RF, can you put it on a piece of 2x4? That way, you can get to all sides as needed just by shifting where it sits under her foot. You can also use a piece of styrofoam and just grind right thru it.

Glue-ons might help her comfort (or not) but getting them on properly can be challenging, esp. if you can't get the RF off the ground. Then need to remember that you'll have to be able to get them off as well.

More later for you.

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Lavinia thank you so much for taking a look. I’m sorry they’re not better she isn’t very patient and I’m not good at getting down on the ground. I have managed to pick some of the crap out , but I’m afraid to dig around too much and cannot for the life of any of us get that right leg up. Last time we literally did it while she was laying down. I just don’t know what to do with this mess, as you can see her rubs are still growing out so I hate to put boots back on, we have actually been taping pads. We are going to try a new trimmer next week and if he seems open to the challenge I may let him take over and eventually try glue ones? We still end up taking the grinder to her because we can’t get her on anything to rasp. My husband actually does it on the ground. I know it’s not good for her walls but it’s the only way we can manage her.
thanks for your help
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