Sherry Morse

Just to add an addendum on why it's so important to try to mirror the same conditions every time blood is drawn, I had the vet out last week to check Scutch's Lyme level and I asked her to run an insulin test as I was curious to see if there was any sort of correlation with his Lyme level.  Well, his OspF was the lowest it's been but his insulin was 115.  That potentially blows my Lyme/insulin connection but...

He's not showing ANY signs of elevated insulin, he's in work 5 - 6 days a week and the only thing that has changed recently is the farm got first cut hay - and of course spring grass - however, he's also a slow eater so we're not sure if some of that could be he was finishing breakfast right before we pulled blood (although I still think it's high).  I just moved the horses so there will be some more changes around feeding and I'll continue to monitor him and we'll recheck him under normal circumstances.

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Cheryl,

Blood should be pulled at least 4 hrs after the first hay of the day (or 4 hrs after hay is given following any >6 hrs without food).  Whatever time Jewel finishes her morning meal is when the 6-hr countdown starts.  So if she eats at 7 and finishes by 8, I would book her test between 11 am (4 hrs after starting eating) and 2pm (6 hrs after finishing eating).  If she gets more hay before 2pm, her blood could be pulled anytime between 11 am and within 6 hrs of finishing her second meal. 

I only feed hay prior to bloodwork, and I'm lucky that my vet comes around the same time every time so Shaku's blood is pulled under the same conditions and his results are easily comparable because they are always 4-5 hrs after starting his breakfast of hay.  If you have any control over the scheduling,  I think making it for the "same time as last time" is a good idea.

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Sherry Morse

Hi Cheryl,

4 hours after the last meal of concentrates. Having hay in front of them until blood is drawn is fine. 

Cheryl Oickle

Please I need a reminder. When testing for insulin, how long after a feed is the usual time.  It is impossible to keep food in front of Jewel all the time as she has no shut off valve at all.
She is feed in the a.m. by 0700H
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