Advice on Hay analysis #photo-notice


I placed my hay analysis for Tex in my photo album.
Tex is in week 7 of stall rest for his first laminitis episode since I've had him - almost 5 years.  He has cushings and has been taking pergolide for 3 1/2 - 4 years. 
I have had him on the emergency diet, soaking his hay and adding 1/4 cup ground flax a day, iodized salt and vitamin E.  I would like to know:
1. Should I continue to soak his hay?
2. What should I be adding for proper nutrition?
He will be going out in a dry lot for the remainder of the summer so will not be grazing on grass.
Thank you
Karen Ford Ohio 2021

Sherry Morse

Hi Karen,

Did you see Lavinia's response to your original message?

Based on your screenshot this hay needs to be soaked as it is very close to the upper recommended limit of ESC+starch.  It would be helpful for us to know what test was done on this hay as well as what type of hay it is.  If you want additional advice on balancing this hay you would need to contact one of the balancers listed in our files ( and provide them with the complete test sheet.


Thank you Sherry for your response.  I did not see Lavinias response to my original post.  I have looked at it now and will schedule the bloodwork to check ACTH and also the Insulin/Glucose testing.

I do not know what kind of hay I have - it is second cutting from 2020.  You ask what test was done on this hay - I used the Equi-Analytical Lab as suggested and did the #603 as suggested by your group.  Is there something I missed in the testing phase?

All this is new to me so I appreciate your patience.
Karen Ford Ohio 2021