locked Iron Q&A

Alicia Harlov

Hopefully this is an okay question to ask. Did anyone watch the Rachel Mottet free webinar on Iron in equine diets? She is an independent/degreed equine nutritionist and mentioned things like sun bleaching is purely from the sun, and we don't need to stress as much about trace mineral ratios etc. She marketed it in a few nutrition groups, so it's gotten out to a lot of people. Any thoughts on it?

I was hoping to do a podcast episode with Dr. Kellon and Dr. Gustafson on myths around iron in equine diets, and areas that need more research/areas of concern. I'd love to get that info out, I have emailed Dr. Kellon but didn't hear back. 
-Alicia Harlov in South Hamilton, MA 
PHCP hoofcare provider, The Humble Hoof podcast

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Hi Alicia,

This is OT for the group. I didn't get your mail. Please try again.
Eleanor in PA

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