Beware of pelleted feed


It is with much sadness that I am telling you about Baron ‘s third and final founder. He has passed over the Rainbow  Bridge to end his suffering.
He was being treated for chronic diarrhea and the typical elimination process was used.  Last on my Vets list was to find a safe pelleted feed to try for a month.  I thought that LMF Complete was recommended by this group and it is specifically made as low starch “safe” feed.  Three to four weeks later, my Cushings/IR 26 year old wonder horse foundered badly.  I blame myself for this.  He had been so healthy and rideable for 7 years and I knew he was very sensitive to NSC.  Everything that went into his body was tested, soaked or recommended supplements by Dr. Kellon herself.

I am sure there would have been no founder if I hadn’t changed his feed. His diarrhea did end but at too high of a cost.
I read that the LMF is minimum 8% NSC.  After he foundered,  I read that it could be a maximum of 11%
NSC. That maximum number was missed by me.  I am passing this on to you all so others don’t make the same mistake.
Kris,  Grass Valley, Ca  2005


Cindy Giovanetti



I’m so sorry for your loss.  Please don’t blame yourself.  I know how hard you tried.  You didn’t create EMS or laminitis or even the concept of limited lifespans, nor were feeding recklessly.  Please don’t blame the person who tried the hardest and did the most to keep Baron healthy.


I’m really sorry for your loss.




Cindy, Oden, and Eeyore, North Texas
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Nancy C

Oh, Kris, I am so sorry to read this. You and Baron worked so very hard together, successfully, to keep each other going for a long time.  Please be kind to yourself, Kris. You did so very much.

The success Baron and Kris achieved can be read here:

Fly free, sweet Baron.
Nancy C in NH
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Sherry Morse

Hi Kris,

Please don't blame yourself.  It may have been a coincidence about the feed or not, but at the end of the day we just do the best we can by our horses

Lorna Cane

Aww,Kris, I'm so sorry you have lost your handsome Baron. He has touched many hearts here,and in your community.

I hope you can distract yourself from self blaming ( I wish I knew the secret to that) by going back to your succes story,to remind yourself of all you did to give your boy the best possible life....successfully .

Thanks for sharing him with us.

Be kind to yourself. 


Lorna  in Eastern  Ontario
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fKris I"m sorry to hear of Baron's passing.  Give yourself a hug for all you did for Baron. You gave him a longer happier life for all the effort .
Dawn Wagstaff and Tipperary   

Saline, MI  2003

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I am so sorry, Kris. I hope you find comfort in memories of your wonder horse.
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valerie puryear

I am so sorry that you lost your beloved Baron. Matera and I are into year 4 of the PPID/IR journey, and I hold my breath each day. You gave him everything and he was loved. We should all be that lucky. RIP handsome Baron,run free
Valerie and Matera
Aug 2018
Athens, GA, USA
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Bobbie Day

I’m so so sorry to hear of Baron’s passing, what a beautiful boy he certainly deserves his name!
I hope you won’t be too hard on yourself, I too lost my dear mare three weeks ago and while I read your posts yesterday it struck a cord because my girl was having similar troubles with being able to hold herself up and nearly falling over when we would try to do her feet. Oh how I dreaded the moment when I had to let her go. I know how hard it is to watch them being in pain while you go over every single thing you’ve done. I’m sure you did your very best for him or you wouldn’t have been here. I hope your good memories will soon fill your heart. Again my thoughts are with you.

Bobbie and Desi
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Utah, Nov 2018

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Kris, what a sad ending to a beautiful story.  You clearly had Baron's best interests at heart and it's impossible to know if it was the feed or something else that caused his last founder.  I hope you find some comfort in the happier memories of your time together.

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So sorry to hear about the loss of your special boy Baron.  Hugs to you and may you find comfort in knowing he will never be in pain again and will be waiting for you at the rainbow bridge where he will again carry you gallantly over the meadows and hills of heaven. He was lucky to have you and for everything you did for him and I know he knows that too. Our horses are so very special and their struggles with EMS and PPID just makes our connection with them so much deeper. Big hugs. 
August 5, 2017, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada



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I'm so sorry, Kris. Sometimes all we can do just isn't enough. 😔
Thanks for the info on the feed; I feed LMF as well. Were you feeding the California Complete or the Low NSC Complete (neon green bag)?
May 2018
San Diego, CA
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Hi Alanna:  Thanks so much for your support.  It was the Low NSC Complete.  If you read the tab on the bag, you will see the  NSC 11% max.  On my tags, it was in the top of the right hand column.  My horse was super sensitive  and I was aware of that, We very very slowly transitioned to the pelleted feed.   Other members of this group are right, it could have been other things that did it too.  AND, I am not saying this product is bad for all horses, I just want folks to pay attention to the fine print.  We have all been very aware that we want to stay,at the very least, under 10 % NSC.

My best,
Kris, Grass Valley, 2005


Dearest Bobbie:  Your post brought empathetic tears.  Hugs to you.  I understand your sorrow as It goes so deep that I can feel it through my whole being.  The support of this group has helped me to heal --slowly, but heal just the same.  I hope your wonderful memories of Desi will help you as my good memories of Baron and this group support are helping me.  
My best,
Kris, Grass Valley, Ca  2005


Kris, for the Low NSC Complete you didn't miss anything when you picked it out; the starch is max of 2% and sugar 6% for a max of 8% combined (the number we aim to keep below 10%). This group hasn't found the NSC to be as useful (I believe that value incorporates fructan).
Hugs as you adjust to life without your lovely boy by your side. 😞
May 2018
San Diego, CA
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Oh, thank you, Kris, for thinking about all of the other horses at this awful, awful time. You saved Baron over and over again; please, please do not blame yourself - I know Baron would not blame you either, for doing what should have been best for him. 

Many cyber hugs to you - I know what a big hole in the heart Baron's last journey will cause. 

Merlin and Maggie (over the bridge), Gypsy, Ranger
Smithers, BC 09 .