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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

I'm making this a separate thread from LJ's question since it's bound to come up again. Wellness Ready is the stall-side insulin test kit being marketed the last few months. I wrote to them to ask for their validation studies and this is what I received:

"Preverification studies comparing Wellness Ready assay results with Cornell assay results are ongoing at UC Davis. Assay validation data will be published upon completion."

I'm not sure what preverification means in this context but the bottom line is they are not validated yet.
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Interesting, since UC Davis vet lab doesn't offer insulin testing to the best of my knowledge. https://www.vetmed.ucdavis.edu/sites/g/files/dgvnsk491/files/inline-files/VMTH-Chemistry-Panel-Test-Grid-9.28.18_0.pdf 
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Sherry Morse


My guess would be that they're using the Wellness Ready at UC Davis and shipping blood to Cornell at the same time and then comparing results.  I'm curious to see if they actually move forward with this, because beyond the slick website and their own PR announcements I haven't been able to find anything else about it on the interwebs.

Nancy & Vinnie & Summer

When Vinnie was at UCD hospitalized in March they were using MSU for the insulin test. I thought was super odd since they told me they were going to use Cornell.

I never got the final insulin back but I thought it was interesting that the invoice cost for insulin was incredibly inexpensive when they had told me it was going to be like 300 dollars for every test. (They were not going to test insulin until I had requested it.) 
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Thanks. I came here specifically to ask, as there's a full page ad in the back of the (probably couple month old) horse magazine I just finished.

To me this sounds like an awesome idea, but I'll wait to see if it pans out as good science.

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Rita Chavez

So, does this mean they're selling a tool that isn't 100% working yet? Very confusing in their lingo. I am excited about such a product being available for quick dx of issues like IR. 
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Sherry Morse

As far as we can tell it's not actually being sold anywhere yet, but they have already set up a slick marketing site.

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

I agree it would be a fantastic thing to have but advertising it is premature. It hasn't been proven to work or be reliable yet. I certainly hope they are not accepting money/orders yet but it wouldn't be the first time a possibly bogus test method was fostered on horse owners. EquiSeq is a good example.
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Janet Oppio

Shades of Theranos maybe? Seems like marketing a machine before its testing capabilities has been verified has a unsavory recent history. In the case of Theranos there  were all manner of reputable investors and clients and they were all bilked.
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